Tuesday, May 22, 2007

way behind

I'm only on project #7 of LJ's 50 projects in 2007 goal. Number seven. Yeeesh! On the upside, I've been starting a lot of projects and working on several intermittently. A scarf for my dad, knit during my one-hour bus commute daily, my living room paint job, my bathroom wallpaper stripping/paint job, and constant organizational projects in my house, just to name a few. And the biggest of all: my garden. This kind of takes over during the summer months and precludes any actual fun crafting projects. Unfortunately, nothing is growing yet. Grr.

So here is lucky number seven, a card for my mom. I used little foam pop-up dots and some random scrap paper. She's going to Peru on vacation for 12 days, so this card is supposed to look like Peru. That's Macchu Picchu in front of the mountains :)


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