Saturday, February 24, 2007

more knitting...sort of

I have so many knitting projects in my head. Have I made headway on any of them? No.

Scarf for Dad
He sprung this idea on me a few weeks ago, and I've been thinking about it a lot. I'm going to make him the campus scarf from Scarf style, but in a solid color, a la Splityarn. I picked out some 127 Print (I think that's the name?) but I think the random stripeyness would be lost on a "plaid" scarf like that. So it's onto some tweed, possibly from Rowan, probably from WEBS. Although I discovered Catnip Yarns today, and the prices seem unbelievably reasonable if you dye it yourself. And I've been dying to try dyeing! (har).

No progress. BOOO

Shawl for Mom

No luck finding Rowan 38 online cheap or at my LYS. So River is out. I finally got the Vogue Shawls to go book from the library, but the Shetland Shawl pattern I liked seems lame now. I don't have a backup plan, except maybe Kiri or something free online.

A million things to sew- new purse, dress, apron, quilt...lacking fabric, motivation, and access to the iron. I think it is buried under the bed. sad.

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